Company PESTR & Lubin Delta Technology produces paragliding equipment, protective aids and clothing for paragliding and for motor paragliding as well as for other sports. Our products resulted from many years of development and their quality, safety and manufacturing ranks them among the world's best. We believe that it is not possible and proper to separate safety and comfort, mainly in extreme conditions, into which sport sometimes gets us undoubtedly. You can find out for yourself that we achieved a high quality incorporation of these two aspects in our products. The company was established in 2005 by merging an established and prospering company PESTR (set up in 1992), producing clothing for skiing, snowboarding, cycling and other sports, and company Lubin Delta Technology (set up in 1988) - a fix star in producing equipment for paragliding and motor paragliding. The merger helped both companies and considerable advancement was also achieved by cooperation with several prominent Czech and international rock climbers and pilots, who help to improve the quality of our products continuously.

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